Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Addendum to Duque's last post

As the Bard himself said, aye, there's the rub. 

All of the joy and excitement these late days provide are inextricably mixed in with the anger and frustration that built for four months as management did nothing they should have done. Zippo. Nada. The empty set.

Between the executive dithering and Girardi's mis- and overmanagement, we're in a tough spot. If we make it, great, but doesn't it piss you off mightily that the team succeeds in spite of the "leadership" team rather than being helped by it?

So, yes, great, we won by the skin of out teeth and it was a gratifying nail biter, but we're still three and a half behind the O's for the Selig wild card game, and if we knock off the Jays we simply install the Red Sox in first and then we're three and a half behind the Jays or the O's or somebody else. And you can lay blame for those three and a half games and many more at the feet of our bumbling front office and Girardi.

It grates to see what you always knew could happen, happen. But that it took so long to happen is simply unconscionable.

This will tamper my enjoyment if we go on to do the impossible, especially when Girardi is named Manager of the Year for his goofball decisions and Cashman is sainted next to Mother Theresa for his deadline moves.

I thought Torre was the luckiest man in baseball when he inherited the mid-90s team and proved himself able to fill out a lineup card. Girardi might just top him if this all works out.


Parson Tom said...

watch Cashman dislocate his shoulder patting himself on the back in The NY Times today. smug little son of a bitch. and as usual, the writers don't have the guts to question why it took so long to make the obvious decisions.

JM said...

You look at most reporters and editors today and you can see why Duque decided to throw in the journalistic towel. Not a great era for reporting, what with all the cuts and the timidity that began after 9/11.