Sunday, September 18, 2016

We have become the Redsocks

Watching yesterday's game - while always knowing we would lose - it hit me...

They do everything right. We do everything wrong.

They regularly pull the plug on losing seasons. For us to finally do it this year, it took a humiliating sweep in Tampa. Otherwise, we would have larded up with veterans and still be playing Gary Sanchez down in Scranton.

They bench or demote expensive free agents who don't cut it: Rusney Castillo, the Panda... It doesn't matter how much they're paid. They disappear. We go a full season with Stephen Drew or Mark Teixeira, even if hitting .198. Too expensive to bench.

They spend on international talent, regardless of the luxury tax. Yoan Moncada is on the way. We have nothing like him. Wait... check that: We have Billy Butler.

They kept and restored Fenway Park, the cathedral they fill with excited fans. We tore down our Westminster Abbey, Yankee Stadium, and replaced it with a steak house/disco monstrosity where the seats are too expensive for regular fans.

They have Betts, Bogartes, Bradely and others - already stars. We have Billy Butler.

They fire front office personnel. They hold management accountable for its failures. Our owner runs a country club.

They are in a position to win their fourth World Series in this millennium, and be better in 2017. To realistically contend next year, we will have to empty our farm system of the prospects we're so proud to have acquired recently.

We are the Redsocks.

Moon Big Papi.

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