Saturday, September 24, 2016

Yankee fans help giants fan?

I am stuck in Venice beach California.  In a rental.

Does anyone know a sports bar in the area, or some devious method of using the Internet, to watch the Giants/Skins game tomorrow?  It will,start at 10:00am here, for Cripe's Sake.

Bloody Mary's and a greasy burger...and Eli on the aperfect way to beat a hangover.

Many thanks.  Or, I'll simply drown myself.


JM said...

You may have to drive up to Santa Monica, a short jaunt, but then you'll have to take a cab back after drinking furiously.

Or, you can choose one of these 10 found on Yelp. Perhaps one is in crawling distance:

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I did this 4-5 years ago when I found myself in Spain.

There are no Buffalo Wild Wings or equivalent multi-game sports bars outside the US, so I purchased a subscription to (or or whatever), watched the game and then canceled my subscription the next day.

I have a fond memory of sitting in a hotel room with a cooler of pretty good beer packed on hotel ice, a whole bunch of cheese and baguettes, etc., with a starting time of 7pm for the game. It was perfect.

Whatever that 1-day's worth of a subscription cost me (I think it was $29.95 at the time), it was completely worth it.

Crawling across the carpet to your hotel-room bed after the game can also be viewed as a responsible choice.

Anonymous said...

This is as dubious as they get. You can usually find loads of UK streaming websites if that one doesn't work for you.

I think most dubious people just use a hacked Amazon Firestick or similar device plugged into their room's TV set and wifi the game from the free internet service. I'm sure it's too late for you to consider that route but it's an idea for the future.

Nickname Damur said...

O'brien's pub at 21st and Wilshire in Santa Monica is a Gisnts bar. They will have the game on. And there will be Gisnts fans there. Note: the obriens on WILSHIRE, not Main Street.

Nickname Damur said...

giants bar, that is