Saturday, September 10, 2016

No justice, no peace

I never watch the pre-game "batting practice" drivel, but I'm at my mom's and there's not much else to do. And from the past two days one thing is clear:  Austin and Judge are the annointed ones, and Brigadoon is dog food. This, regardless of the fact that Ref is hitting a lot better and more consistently than either of them and is as good in the field, maybe better when you consider his versatility versus Judge.

I like these two young guys, don't get me wrong. But when Ref wins a game or contributes to a win, it's not promoted. It's not replayed ad nauseum in pre-game shows, like anything ever done by the Golden Boys, no matter how many days or weeks ago it was. Meredith doesn't ride the subway with Ref or interview them about the youth movement while their highlight reels are shown.

Ref is better than either of them at this point, but you'd never know it. He's a lugnut, a step up from a bum, a footnote to everyone else.

I don't like where this is heading. I don't like the way the organization is treating Ref, and I'm afraid he's just trade bait when he should be a starter, maybe at second instead of Castro, even though I have nothing against Fidel.

Something smells.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Girardi must have read your post.

Ref is starting and Judge is on the bench today.

Let's see where this goes...

Parson Tom said...

Girardi is impervious to outside suggestion and common sense. I agree with John: Refsnyder seems like he might be the real deal -- gets on base, drives the ball, speed -- if they'd give him a little air and light to blossom. I still wish they'd kept Gamel and played him and Refsnyder in the outfield and jettisoned Gardner and Ellsbury, even if Ellsbury did hit a homer today. Radical surgery was the best approach for this patient.

I suppose now that the Yankees are actually contenders for the wild card play-in game, management and Play It Safe Joe will be more cautious than ever. I hope the callousses on Torreyes' butt are plenty thick because he'll be lucky to get in one game a week. Can't put a price on a veteran mediocrity like Headley.

ranger_lp said...

I can see Ref maybe as someone like Martin Prado as long as he can contribute with the bat.

Anonymous said...


Alphonso said...

The problem is; Ref had an opportunity ( man on third with one out ) to drive in the first ( and perhaps only ) run of a 0-0 game, and he failed ( nubber to the mound ). He also had a chance to make a great catch, but didn't, resulting in a Ray on second with no outs.

My point is; he is a guy who doesn't quite have a position, and when he gets a shot ( lately ), he doesn't quite come through. And, I agree, he is for some inexplicable reason dis-respected.

I still remember his homer in Boston.

And then his disappearance from view ( thank Girardi for ruining the kid ).

The key question: is Refsnyder still younger than Mason Williams?

joe de pastry said...

All hail the Mighty Refsnyder with his .336 SLG, 82 OPS+ and below average defense?
You gotta be kidding.
Young does not necessarily = good.