Monday, September 19, 2016

Executive Brian needs a sit-down with Manager Joe

Along with showcasing a decade of bad executive decisions, the dismal 2016 Yankees exposed a fault line between the front office and manager Joe Girardi.

In early August, after Hal Steinbrenner had essentially conceded the season by trading our three best players, Girardi still refused to accept the new reality. He claimed the Yankees were in a pennant race - not just for the last measly Wild Card slot, but for the AL East itself, a ridiculous notion, though it made him seem scrappy and irrepressible, a Don Zimmeresque presence in the trenches.

And dammit, Joe did his job. He wiggled and waggled, and wrung three weeks out of a carcass of a season. The Yankees made a brief run, before being cruelly undressed by far superior teams, the Dodgers and Redsocks. (If you look at the ages and hitting stats of LA and Boston, you realize we are at least two years from competing.) Today, it looks so silly. But until last week, we were actually still drinking the Kool-Aid.

For three weeks, Joe managed World Series seventh games, a steam of Groundhog Days.  It worked until it didn't. Eventually, he realized our lineup still hibernates, and that Dellin Betances can't throw 50 pitches a game.

But last night, Joe was still blathering from his bunker. If the Yankees can win all their remaining games - hey, you never know: Maybe war, famine and racism will end, too.

I say it's time for the towel. It's time to look up at the ref, sink back into the canvas, and let the man count to 10. There is no shame in dealing with reality.

It's time to set down the binders and play the kids. As Trump would say, "What the hell do we have to lose?"

There's talk today that Starlin Castro's tender ham-hocks might not be so tweaked, after all. He could maybe play next week against Baltimore. And Luis Cessa, now well beyond his planned innings limit for the season, might wrangle three more starts. Ellsbury might hurry back. Meanwhile, Gardy can patrol center.

Why bother?

Is there a reason to subject CC Sabathia to another game? (Yes, if you think the Yankees want to hurt his shoulder and use it as an excuse to opt-out of his 2017 contract.) This is why the rosters have been expanded. This is why the world made Blake Parkers and Kirby Yateses.

Let's honor our veterans. Tell Billy Butler that we thank him for his service, and he should go home, all expenses paid. Don't allow Gardy to splatter against a wall. Play Tyler Austin, Mason Williams and bring up Jake Cave. Give Tex a few final at-bats, and a nice ceremony than David Ortiz. Don't even bother Brian McCann. What if someone tears a knee? This is no time to lose a trading chip.

There is no race. It's over. There was a dream, and now we have awoken from it. Only one thing remains in 2016.

We must moon Big Papi.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Play Tyler Austin, Mason Williams and bring up Jake Cave

Don't forget that we should also play Ben Gamel!



Never mind.

Mustang said...

We won the Governor's Cup!

Tom said...

the old guys in this lineup look completely played out. Teixeira should ask if he could sit the rest of the season out just to avoid further humiliation. McCann has thrown in the towel. Ellsbury needs LOTS of time to recuperate, and Gardy --- what happened to him?

as for the bullpen, Girardi, always a disciple of Joe Torre, went to the whip too many times.

KD said...

I wish I didn't see the NFL as being so over-blown, corny, and dull. so little action and all those ads are insufferable. All that is left for me is the Hot Stove and looking forward to Spring Training.

oh, and mooning big papi.

John M said...

Girardi is a meathead. If he was in it to win it, why did/does he keep rolling out Tex and McCan't? Why does he pull pitchers who are getting guys out and replace them with middle inning lugnuts? Why is he still here? 2009 was a long time ago.

Ah, nuts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chalk up another loss to the real Clueless Joe: once again, as he done at least 40 times in recent years, he left Sabathia in too long....then, when he put in Parker, who was getting people out, buuuuut nooooo!! He had to hook Parker, and put in The Clip - - and let him (or make him) pitch to Hanley....Good God!! What stupidity, after the way Hanley has been raking!! Then he gets surly, afterwards, when reporters ask him why he didn't just walk Ramirez....Time for Joe to go is long-past - - and for him to take his damned blue binder with him - - and his boss, and HIS bosses (the Giuliani twin toads, who know less than NOTHING about baseball, OR politics)....CLEAN HOUSE, Food-Stamps!! Finish the job you started in August!

joe de pastry said...

Always look on the bright side of life: Now Alphonso will have more free time to watch the World Cup of Hockey.

John M said...

When does the Professional Bowling Association season begin? Anyone know which network is carrying that this year?

el duque said...

I'm thinking of recharging this into a blog about Dancing with the Stars, which the Internet refers to as "DWTS."

I would like to see John or Suzyn on DWTS. Or Hal. Or Joe. Anybody. I bet Aaron Judge would be the largest dancer ever on DWTS. Michael Kay could be on it. Coney? Lonn Trost? A-Rod?

Next year, it'll be Big Papi, of course.