Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One final note about the Inversion Theory

You might remember the Inversion Theory...the crazy idea hatched in July that somehow this year would be the inverse of last year, with the Yanks playing 10 games over .500 during the last two months of the season. Currently, we're 20-13 since the start of August.

If it works out, I'd say that yes, I predicted baseball way back in July with that post, but I know it was as much Hail Mary voodoo mathematics as any kind of completely serious prediction. Back then, my rapidly shrinking, alcohol-riddled rational side knew that it would be unlikely. Although I admit that I believed it more than I wanted to admit, emotionally. And until I wrote that post, I was still thinking we had a shot at equaling 1966, and never would have thought of saying anything so optimistic about this season.

So I've learned that not only can you not predict baseball, you can not predict baseball predictions, either.

Astrological note:  Mercury is in retrograde and all sorts of things are squared with Neptune now. Who knows what could happen from this point.


Kreskin predicts . . . said...

From this point they regress back to .500.

ranger_lp said...

One astrologer described Mercury Retrograde is anything "re". For example, repair, remake, review, reconsider....etc. As astrology is a "observational science", I'm sure your theory fits within one of those "re"s". Oh no, regress is a "re"

JM said...!!