Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Universal Language


Local Bargain Jerk said...


The interesting thing about this is that each of the Spanish language publications have published the exact same article, with the exact same content and the exact same screen shot (you can tell because the countdown clock shows the same hour:minute:second). Here's another in El Diario NY. The original appeared in a newspaper published in Puerto Rico.

Even more amazing to me is that none of them credits the others as being a source. There is no sentence like "As reported by " or even "(AP)" or "(UPI)".

Maybe the culture is different or, more likely, my Spanish abilities aren't allowing me to comprehend some subtlety, but it does seem to me that the content is univeral also.

Perhaps someone who knows more than me -- es una lista de gente muy larga -- can let us know.

KD said...

LBJ, do they find it amusing?

Mustang said...

My guess is the papers all have a single ownership. Chains have gotten pretty brazen, even repeating front page layouts across several papers.

Mustang said...

Oh, wait. The American papers are a chain, and they give the Puerto Rican paper the byline.
--Detective Mustang

Local Bargain Jerk said...

>> LBJ, do they find it amusing?

The writers pretty much approach it as arms-length journalists, which is fine and to be expected. My Spanish isn't good enough to pick up on any butt-puns, but I didn't seem to see any.

Mostly it's just this event is planned, on this date, this was Big Papi's response, and then a few quotes from Papi's article, and then a few more from the website copy. From that standpoint, it's very similar to the articles written in English.

I will tell you, every article in every language quotes the sentence that says "If 10 people moon Big Papi they'll get arrested but if 10,000 people moon Big Papi, they'll tell their grandchildren". Judging from its popularity, it's apparently the best copy I've ever written. The Spanish translations have added "...for generations to come" to the translation, which is a poignant touch..... the extent that the word "poignant" applies to a site about mooning.