Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nate Silver's Ranked
'Baseball's Savviest (and Crappiest) Bullpen Managers'
And the Results Will Enrage You!

This is ancient, as the internet reckons time--four days!--but here goes:

Huh. Torre was best. Girardi is tied for second-best. 

After winding us up, fivethirtyeightdotcom adds:
Perhaps surprisingly, we found that bullpen management — good or bad — doesn’t actually affect a team’s overall performance all that much. 
Discuss! Or don't. It's a free country!


Anonymous said...


Mustang said...

"Country Breakfast"... hey, me too!

Allen Brady said...

so the supposed best bullpen manager "TORRE THE RAT" is the same guy who SLEPT through super closer "joba the hut" getting swarmed by MIDGES in ALDS Game 2 and dozing while his team went down in flames choking on bug spray? I'm calling bullshit on this list!

John M said...

Total baloney, imo. Makes me question everything Silver publishes. Especially about sports. Sounds like ivory tower types who never watch a game, ever.

John M said...

Oh, and....Country Breakfast.

Tom said...

The Yankees should hire Les Miles to be manager. If Torre and Girardi are at the top of that list -- which seems to be a flawed list -- then why not hire a college football coach to run things. G. Steinbrenner would certainly approve.