Sunday, October 27, 2019

Amateur Hour

And while this is, of course, infinitely less important than the loathsome corporate entity known as "MLB" dodging and weaving on abuse of women, the Times also ran another piece the other day presenting another truckload of evidence that the baseballs have been changed for the postseason.

It's bad enough that the balls are juiced or "un-juiced" over the years.  Now, we're talking about juicing them during the season and then un-juicing them for the playoffs????  Why?

MLB, of course, is not talking.  This is a cartel more addicted to covering up than Tricky Dick Nixon.  It is ALWAYS their automatic, default reaction to anything.

MLB may be deliberately messing with the balls for any number of reasons—most likely, in this case, something to do with being able to squeeze in still more TV ads thanks to less extended action on the field.  Or this is purely amateur hour, with the balls being obtained from somewhere new, most likely for some tiny savings some beancounter has come up with.

Corrupt or incompetent?  You make the call.

It's the regular state of business (and almost everything else) in America today, conspiracy chasing screw-up all the way down the slide, to a society where any sense of judgement or meaning is rapidly fading.

True, the integrity of baseball is a very minor matter, compared to, say, preserving reality.  But it still stinks.  How are professionals supposed to play a game where the equipment can change during a season, on the whim of the owners?

And how is it that everyone who has any money in this country decided that it's always better to lie than to risk losing so much as a dollar of it?


Anonymous said...

I did get the feeling that the balls were "unjuiced" for the playoffs, and hearing about this now just confirms my suspicions. I am not a happy camper, for sure. Not that it would have made much difference for the Yankees, but still it's extremely aggravating. If the balls were juiced for the regular season, they should've stayed juiced until the last pitch of the World Series. It would be the only sane, fair and reasonable thing to do. But I'm certainly not surprised that MLB might do such a thing. With the ridiculous start times, the stupidity of not having all the playoff games broadcast on free national tv, all of the stupid and tasteless self promo ads they put out, it's getting to the point where it's unwatchable. No wonder the fan base is eroding and shrinking. It's way better to play video games or read or exercise than watch this crap.

The Hammer of God

Anonymous said...

I agree that it should be the same ball for the whole year. Not so much for the Home Runs or lack of them but my question is this:

Are outfielders having more trouble out there because balls aren't going as far?

I don't mean the ones that go out I mean running to a spot where the ball should land only to find that it fell it for a hit because it didn't travel to where it has all year. Because that could easily screw someone up.

Doug K.

13bit said...

Manfred is a tool

ranger_lp said...

Getting a kick out of Gnat fans shouting "Lock him up!! Lock him up!!"

HoraceClarke66 said...

Boy, those Astros are tough. Though Hudson just struck out Marisnick to end the 8th.

Marisnick...Marisnick...where have I heard that name before? Hmm...

CGI Flythrough said...
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