Thursday, October 31, 2019

Don't ya know it's gonna be all right (wrong)?

With a little tip of the cap to the Beatles...

All right, riffing off one of Alphonso's heretical points:

What did we not do that we wanted to do that we shoulda done?  And vice versa.

That is, what moves did we advocate which would have been good or bad had HAL actually okayed the money?

Manny Machado.

I have to admit, I was all for signing him, once Sir Didi went under the knife.  Which would've been a colossal waste of money.

Just 26—a phenomenally young age for a big free agent—Manny nonetheless grounded into an NL-leading 24 double-plays this year, and his batting line dropped precipitously, to .256/.334/.462/.796, even playing in the beautiful, carefree atmosphere of San Diego (Spanish for, "Whale's Vagina.").

To be sure, Manny still hit 32 homers, and played an above-average 3B.  He's young enough to come back strong, and who knows?  Maybe the whole LACK of pressure hurt his game.

But I still have to say:  I was wrong.  Picking him up would've meant missing out on the delightful Gio experience.

Bryce Harper

The easy call here is going to be that we didn't need him.  In fact, look for our craven idiot of a GM to pat himself on the back for passing on Bryce very soon.

But I'm not so sure.  I gotta go with our Dauntless Leader here.  Sure, we probably would've missed out on Maybin and Tauchman.  But boy oh boy, it would've been nice to have Bryce in the playoffs!

Harper JUST turned 27, and experienced only a minor drop-off this year, with an .882 OPS, 35 homers and 36 doubles, 99 walks, 15 SB in 18 attempts, and 13 OF assists.  And he's a lefty.

Let's see how we feel about this next year, when Coops has let Maybin walk and traded Frazier, Tauchman is reverting to his mean, Gardy is wearing out in latest farewell contract, and Judge and Stanton are struggling to stay off the DL.  And Joe Girardi's Phillies are five game up on their division.

I still say we shoulda signed him.

Patrick Corbin

The guy who won the World Series?  After going 14-7, 3.25, with 238 Ks in 202 innings in the regular season?  And who won't turn 30 until next midseason?

Yeah, I'll say we should've signed him.

Stupidly, I thought Happ was a better signing.  But I would've loved to have signed BOTH, and NOT traded Sheffield, then a leading pitching prospect, for Paxton.

The Maple Sapling's one good playoff start aside, we would've been better off signing Corbin AND Happ and dealing Shef for something else:  a good young OF prospect, another pitcher, etc.

Coops was wrong on Corbin.  And wrong for America, dammit.

Dallas Keuchel

Another no-brainer.  But then, what do you expect from a GM with no brains?

This was especially, egregiously stupid, because all it would've entailed was (a little) more money, with no big-contract or trade risk whatsoever.

No, Keuchel didn't burn the house down, in the end.  But he was entirely reliable, throwing 112 innings after the Braves signed him, and making two so-so playoff starts.

But hey, if we didn't like that?  We could've just let him walk at the end of the year.

Another WRONG for The Office Boy, which puts his 2019 record at 1-3.


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HoraceClarke66 said...

Our correspondent above put its more succinctly than I ever could.

And the latest news: The Parrot Man is gone. Option declined. Hey, he had some nice at-bats for us, but another DH who can't stay off the DL is not what we need.

13bit said...

Yes, "anal porno" sums it up nicely.

To the point, though, your comments on Corbin and Keuchel are dead-on. We have beaten this one into the ground. We knew ahead of time, we knew during, and we know after the fact that those two signings would have possibly been THE difference-maker. Instead, we cheaped out because Hal is cheap and Brian thinks he's a big of an oracle when it comes to middling pitchers - he can always somehow see a glorious future for them. Somehow, THIS TIME, it'll be different for each of these guys. The definition of insanity: repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

TheWinWarblist said...

Well, there's my answer about The Secret To Become Any Man's Secret Obsession!?

Anal porno. Not porn. "Porno." A very 70s way of putting it.

TheWinWarblist said...

I have my own thoughts on Hal's self imposed austerity. It's collusion. It's one thing to not sign a big money free agent; it is quite another to not even be part of the bidding process. Remember George? If he didn't sign someone he wanted, he made damn sure to drive up the price for the other club. That's called competition. Hal doesn't even allow a competitive bid. Corbin was a no-brainer. (Hoss, what sort of man crush do you have on Happ that you could not see that Corbin or even Lynn were better options?). Getting outbid is one thing. Not competing for free agents is collusion when you're the wealthiest franchise on the planet.

I wish ill on you Hal. I wish cancer and death on you. A cruel debilitating cancer that deprives you of your ability to "lead" this noble franchise and then after interminable suffering takes your life before your time.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Well, Warbler, Happ's last few seasons, after years of mediocrity or worse, were:

2015: 11-8 3.61

2016: 20-4 3.18

2017: 10-11 3.53

2018: 17-6 3.65—including 7-0, 2.69, with NYY.

I figured he was a guy who had got past the age of arm woes and learned how to pitch—and that two-year contract was much less of a risk than 6 years for Corbin, whose record in the same time was:

2015: 6-5 3.60

2016: 5-13 5.15

2017: 14-13 4.03

2018: 11-7 3.15

In other words, Corbin seemed like a considerably lesser pitcher who was still in the ruin-his-arm time frame. Oh, and Lance Lynn Lance, who got a lucrative three-year deal?

2015: 12-11 3.03

2016: DNP

2017: 11-8 3.43

2018: 10-10 4.77, including 3-2 4.14 with NYY.

So you can see why Happ looked like a better deal in the short run...

HoraceClarke66 said...

I would have loved to have seen them sign both Happ and Corbin, though. I'd always rather risk HAL's money than give up a player. The trouble is: HAL would not.

And while I don't think what he's doing is necessarily collusion, I think our basic divergence is this:

Yankees' sweet spot for us fans: a World Series win.

Yankees' sweet spot for their owner: a fairly competitive season that will keep the fans watching and attending, allow him to keep upping the prices, and keep the payroll pretty contained.

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