Tuesday, October 15, 2019

It Is Going To Be A Long Winter

No, I have not been at a SPA in St. Petersberg, formerly of the USSR.

I work for an underground organization that specializes in aurae.  In my case, it is the too hot to handle science of negative Ju-JU.

I was on a mission in Central NY to create a 7-0 first game thrashing of you know who.  I was able to pull this off due to a hook-up with our leader, Duque, in his lair.  6000 miles were traversed to make this happen.

After the euphoria of game one, Duque immediately declared that a " sweep" was coming.  A dangerous concept to utter, much less scream to the ceiling.

On the second day, the formula fell apart, due to exigencies beyond our control.  A pattern was upended and so were the Yankees.  Following that late night debacle ( it was humiliating...they fucking wagged their fingers at us the whole game !), demands of another kind then forced me to return to LA-LA land.

So here I sit.  Having nightmares about people like Encarnacion and Sanchez ( Gary already seems like one of those old veterans who has seen glory, but no more ).

I obssess about Giancarlo Stanton's 2019 record of 142 games out, followed by one game in.  At the expense ( as Duque and Hoss have outlined ) of Mike Ford or Tyler Wade.

Then it dawned on me;  this is why Hal ( "I'm not cheap" ) Steinbrenner refused to pay Keutchel an incremental $1.5 million;  Hal was adding up the horror he created in urging the Stanton deal.

And we are one Keutchel short of having a real shot here. We do not have the pitching to win this.  Despite the rhetoric.  If Severino fails to pitch 8 innings of shut out ball, we lose.

Eventually, we will revert to the designated starter.  And someone will fall off the quay into the harbor.

I did my best and am loathe to already admit;  it wasn't enough.

The snow is coming, boys, get out your parkas.

We are the new Brooklyn Dodgers ...." Wait until next year !"


HoraceClarke66 said...

The old Brooklyn Dodgers at least made the World Series.

TheWinWarblist said...

King George was in many ways awful and intolerable. But he always wanted to win. More than anything he want to win and hoist the trophy one more time. His sons don't care about winning. They are the vile wretched spawn of a flawed but great man.

So endeth this fucking sad and predictable Juju.

NYK27 said...


NYK28 said...


13bit said...

"YES" on all counts, Alphonso.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Sad but true, Alphonso. Unless we can get one of our batters to smash a line drive off of Cole's noggin.

By the way, Alphonso, I have sources they claim you were spotted in Prague in August, 2016 and Kiev this past May. True?

HoraceClarke66 said...

He's innocent! But Domingo German was there!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yankees fans on the pre-game show are going crazy for Andy Pettitte.

But of course, we know they would be cheering FIVE TIMES AS LOUD for James Paxton.

Alphonso said...


It is likely, although I had on a deferent polyester golf shirt.

So who would know?

I had the chicken, in case you were curious.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

The hat and the neck chain are the dead giveaway.

And I thought it was a bowling shirt.

Anonymous said...

Buck Foston says........

The Bums didn't have to play a minimum of 7 extra games.

Alphonso said...

Polyester has multiple purposes. It says "golf, bowling and badminton" on the label.

I tried it fishing once...huge mistake. Blood and guts do not wash well when coating this artificial fabric..

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