Friday, October 18, 2019

" It's Time Now to Go, for everything must end......

Last night, as soon as Tanka gave up the three run blast, I checked out. No more Yankee baseball.

It was obvious to me that this was not our year.  We really have no means of beating Houston.

We don't have the pitching and we don't have enough clutch hitting.

I could not stand the joy, energy and relentless grit of the Houston players.  I couldn't watch their great defensive plays and gloating.

More to the point, I couldn't watch the listless, flailing, lost Yankees.

 This series represents bullying, at its highest level.

Of course, there are one or two Yankee players to applaud, but this is a  luxury bus that got stuck in the mud with several blown out tires.  And it was raining hard.

There will be fans who show up today and many will sincerely believe this team is not dead.  I hope they are right.

But they are dead to me.  Gary's strikeout in the first inning with the bases loaded was classic.  It was predictable and it was pathetic.  I read that he later homered.  He hit a pitch out "that no one else could have hit out. " So what?  The game was over.

So now we turn the page and begin to paste together another contender.  Lose a bunch of people we should lose, but retain a larger bunch of people no one will take, and with whom
 we are forever " stuck."

Question marks abound, but one thing is clear;  we don't have the pitching, and have no way to get it. Hal ( " I'm not cheap") will see to it that he saves money to pay for Giancarlo.

Can someone please remember to turn out the lights?

......we'll meet again I know, knowing (hoping) time is my friend."


13bit said...

Put us out of our misery and do it fast.

The whole season, many of us have been saying "we don't have elite pitching and you can't win with just home runs." when it comes to the playoffs.

Turns out to have been true.

Matt P said...

Rank the failures: RISP, Home Field, Otto x 3, Errors, Sending the runner in Game 2, Batting Gardy 3rd too many times, Dead Balls, First pitch outs, Eddie/Sanchez, Starters who can't go deep (even at 68 pitches)

Too many obstacles to overcome by game 4. They already dug themselves holes, slumps, lack of confidence, relievers overwhelmingly taxed, missed opportunity after missed opportunity now messing with their heads and pressing. Any lead Houston was to get last night was going to be insurmountable. In last three games, one lone at bat (a HR in each game) was the offense. Last night culminated in perhaps their worst played game of the season. You can't pick yourself up from this, no less having to face Verlander and Cole again. This one is on the players folks. At least I can rest easy now.

Anonymous said...

Matt P,

You needn't worry about facing Cole again. We ain't getting past Verlander.

For those of you that can stand this agony, enjoy tonight's game!


Carl J. Weitz said...
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Carl J. Weitz said...

Except for game 1, the Yankees reverted back to the team they were the first 7-10 days of the season when they daily struck out 10-18 times. Go back and check the box scores. They cant drive in a run with a ground out or sac fly. They don't move runners over, either. How can they when they don't make contact with the ball? After the first week or so the Yankees starters got injured and the team's minor league cheapo replacements changed the fortune of the the team. They hit and run, stole bases, played fundamental baseball and generally came through in the clutch. They were fun to watch. Couldn't wait for the next day's game. How long ago that now seems. Once they added those 3 stiffs and strike out machines back on the roster (Sanchez, Encarnacion and Stanton) just before the end of the season most here knew what was coming. You didn't have to be prescient. Now it's pure torture to watch them. I blame the players, sure, but mostly the incompetence of Boone and especially Cashman for not assembling a better playoff roster by using the hotter and more productive players that got us here.

I turned off the game in the fifth inning after another bases loaded with one out/no runs scored fiasco. I won't watch tonight's game. If they make it to game 7 by some miracle I will, of course watch it.

Fuck Hal, Boone, Cashman, Trost,Levine and the entire Bloated Front Office. May you hire John Wayne Gacy as your son's Bar Mitzvah clown entertainment and your daughter bring Ted Bundy as her Junior Prom date!

TheWinWarblist said...

Could someone swing by and shoot out the porch lights. Displeasure should be expressed.

Matt P. said...

Tonight is the last game we will potentially see these folks in pinstripes (literally because if they do win, they wear gray and then lose):

CC - duh
Eddie - 100% chance he is gone. Team option not picked up.
Romine - Could he finally get a starting gig elsewhere? He is FA. Follows the Cervelli path to Pirates/NL team.
Gardner - FA. Isn't Tauchman his replacement? Need to get ahead of his decline.
Dellin - could sign a 1 year deal for a "prove it" rebound year? You can't pay this guy otherwise. Walk = automatic double.
Didi - I don't think they resign unless a super team friendly deal. Injury sadly ruined his timeline. Gleyber moves over SS, DJ full time 2B, Ford/Voit platoon at first, Urshella at the hot corner...will miss Didi.
German - (btw if on roster, he comes in instead of Happ in game 2) could they release him if the incident is real?
Chapman - Does he opt out? Me thinks yes (and I would let him go)
Frazier/Andujar - Neither plays defense. One or both traded.

RIP 2019 Yanks and these fallen soldiers.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yep. It's the end of The Dynasty That Never Was, dying in a welter of injuries, face-flops, bad trades, and an inexplicable failure to develop much of the most promising rookie class I ever saw.

I fear you're right about most of what will happen to them, Matt P. They'll be gone with precious little in return.

Carl J. Weitz said...

I think you got most of it right Matt P. But Andujar isn't going anywhere unless it's for an ace pitcher. It's much more likely Andujar moves to first and I think he would play that position very well.They could place him in left at times and DH him as well.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

What Carl said.

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