Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Boone IS "The Cooler" and other thoughts


Parson Tom nailed it in the comments of the previous post when he very succinctly and accurately stated, that Boone is "The Cooler.”  This comes back to the analytics vs. what’s going on in front of him debate.

I guess the thing I don't understand about following the analytics slavishly is...

While I have no doubt that it is accurate over the course of a longer period of time for some reason it doesn't seem to take into account that the concept of, "reverting to the mean" includes periods of both high and low achievement. It includes the data from "hot streaks".

Which means that "hot streaks" exist. So keep the guy in while he's hot!

All people have good and bad days. No matter what your profession there are times when you are locked in. I believe the scientific term is, “peak flow.” When a player is in that zone it’s foolish (and infuriating) to not let him ride that out.

As a writer I never dropped out of a piece when I was on a roll because, traditionally I write for an hour and a half and then my attention and the quality of what I’m writing goes down. That may be true over the course of my career but stopping, because it’s 10:30 and I started writing at 9, when I’m cranking would be stupid.

Billy Beane’s A’s underperform in the playoffs.  I guess the Rays have figured out the regular season. Let’s see what happens.

The Squid or The Squint

In a way this relates to the above. Andrew Velazquez, fired up over getting to play for the Yankees, overperformed. This doesn’t mean that he’s not good enough to hold down the position. I think he is. 

So even though analytics would say that Gleyber has the higher ceiling Andrew brings a set of intangibles…

Hey, intangibles! Those qualities that can’t be quantified. Hmmnn… Do intangibles really exist? If only we could quantify them.

All of the above said, you know Gleyber gets his job back. Hopefully with a fire under his ass. It worked for Luke. Maybe having a fire under his ass will make him... Hot. 

As to Gleyber long term... I think he's toast. 

What I find interesting is that in the photo that they always use of him on YES he is squinting and scowling (as opposed to Andrew’s broad “happy to be here” smile.) 

As anyone who has studied the dark arts of using the media to influence knows, there are pictures of Gleyber that are more flattering but they choose to go with the Squint and the Scowl making him less likeable. 

So, he’ll get his job back but if he doesn’t play with greater intensity and focus who is to say. That photo isn’t doing him any favors. Really they should have left him at second but our GM stinks.

I’d write more but I’m at one hour and twenty nine minutes and I wouldn’t want to


Anonymous said...

Yeah...bring back the "replacement players!!!!!!!!!!!!" 3 losses in a row!? Yeesh!!!

HoraceClarke67 said...

Hilarious, Doug K.!

Yeah, I've come to hate The Gleyber Squint even more than I did The A-Rod Brow Furrow.

Exit 33 said...

Spot on observations! I'm amazed at how quickly you sobered up from Drunken Binge 2021. What's your secret? I want some.

Anonymous said...

The secret is, I'm Doug K. not El Do K.

That said, I've had a few drunken binges my self. Just not last week. :)

Doug K.

Scottish Yankee fan said...

You are a very good writer (as are all who post here)

I always enjoy your writing and that of the fellow writers and it helps me understand the game better plus feel part of the passion of being a Yankees fan which i obviously don't get here being far away in
a country that doesn't have a big baseball following

JM said...

I am a long time Yankees fan and I approve of this message.

Scot, I watched both seasons of McCallum recently. Damn good show with a youthful John Hannah. Any other Scotland-tinged or -based crime shows I should check out? New or old, doesn't matter. Thanks.

Anonymous said...



Re: The Gleyber Squint

I was going to title it "A Picture of Dorian Gley" where the worse he plays the more squintier and scowlier the YES photo got but it seemed too much of a stretch. So I ended up with The Squid vs. the Squint.

Scottish and Exit - Thank you as well.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

This is a pseudo-debate. Traditionalists have ALWAYS relied on stats such as BA, RBI, ERA, etc--just as Doug K. and most of the people on this blog do. A new generation of analysts has shown that these stats are deeply flawed and often deceptive indicators of a player's real value: BA says nothing about speed or power; RBI is a team stat, since it depends on who is getting on base--or not--in front of the batter; ERA embeds a host of variables that are beyond the pitcher's control: park factors, the quality of the defense behind the pitcher, etc. Moreover, computer analysis of game situations has revealed that sacrifice bunts, even when SUCCESSFUL, on average REDUCE a team's chance of scoring; that base stealing is a losing strategy short of an 80 percent success rate, etc. So this whole "debate" is not really about whether or not to rely on "stats"--it's about a bunch of old farts who don't understand the flaws of the traditional stats and don't understand the value of the newer ones bridling defensivelyat the idea that they've essentially been pretty dumb all those years--so suddently they abhor "stats." No they don't--they just abhor stats that actually tell us something about who is succeeding and how--in ways that the traditional stats do not.

Scottish Yankee fan said...


we don't have many good tv cop shows

But the latest and most popular one is Vera which is set on the Orkney isles

Kevin said...

Doug, spot on. Now if you guys could only get that smug IMBECILE off the blog....

Kevin said...

Geez, I didn't realize that stats become too indecipherable once you pass 21. And did you know that according to analysts hot hands are a fallacy. Which of course is total bullshit.