Sunday, August 8, 2021

Same as it ever was. (Palm to head.) Same as it ever was. (Palm to head.)



13bit said...

Figure out a game and I'll handle the Zoom. I'll tell you now that Monday nights are not good for me, Tuesdays are not great, either, but I'm okay much of the rest of the time.

DickAllen said...

August 28&29, both day games in Oakland - Saturday and Sunday afternoon, 4:07 EDT start.

Get a head start on your evenings debauchery.

DickAllen said...

At very least we’ll have a clear idea if these lazy, shiftless imposters have any fight in them.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Amazing that nobody can just ask the question to the exasperate Boone, or anyone else: "Knowing what we do about this virus, how can it possibly be that so many Yankees did so little to avoid contracting it? Shouldn't they be docked salary for every day they are out? And shouldn't fans get a rebate for every game they watch with starters out with this?"

Oh, I know, I know: people on the Yankees will be upset by that.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Should be "exasperated," which is why I am.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And it gets EVEN BETTER. Gleyber Torres is going to have an MRI on his left thumb. Which is needed because he hurt it sliding on an uncontested steal of second base.

Yep, that's right.

Even without a throw, Torres could not manage to slide with his feet, go in standing up, or simply not wreck his thumb.

Your average 2021 Yankee player does not have the baseball expertise or instincts that used to be required of a high school starter.

Kevin said...

I read Rizzo didn't take the shot because of his past cancer "issue". Maybe his oncologist advised him not to take the shot, remember that the vaccine hasn't been approved yet.... What I don't get is that these guys aren't masked. And the team going with the Johnson and Johnson, WTF? Did Hal get a bargain? Horace, you are spot on, the team is fundamentally the worst Yankee team, ever? Watching them play the better teams you would think that they are thinking about their after game trysts. Oh......yeah.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it kinda attest to the mediocrity of the state of baseball when a team as fundamentally suspect as the current Yankee team is in a real "hunt" for a playoff spot?
It also shows you the gap between the top tier teams like the White Sox, Dodgers and SF and the mediocre teams.
I remember when we were elite.

The Nostalgic Archangel

Carl J. Weitz said...

Kevin might be on to something. Immuno-suppressed people taking certain drugs have to be watchful of the interaction with the vaccination. Also, the efficacy of the vax can drop to as low as 10% according to what I have read.

Anonymous Bosch said...

I skipped Sunday’s game. Did I miss anything?

[Turn off IRONY button]

Seriously, I read an interview with the outgoing Music Director of the Bayreuth Festival today. The festival – cancelled last year – is operating on a reduced schedule with audiences limited to 900 people (the theatre holds 1.937) who have registered contact information before the performance and show proof of full vaccination, recovery within the last six months, and/or a negative test taken on the day of the performance.

When asked about his future, the Music Director replied: “Positions, titles and designations are currently really of secondary importance. Every participant is tested daily for COVID-19. We like to do it. Nobody feels that it is a nuisance. Above all, our audience is thirsting for these events".

The 25 performances given over five weeks sold-out within two hours after going on sale online.

I assume there are not enough Yankees who feel their audiences are thirsting for their events.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Kevin and Carl, those are good points. And maybe I'm jumping too salty on Rizzo.

But IF that is the case—that his doctor advised him not to get vaxxed—then why not share it with us?

He has made no secret of the rest of his courageous battle with cancer. So why not say—and why not say it to Brain, first off—'Hey, you know, I'm not vaxxed and my doctor doesn't think I should get vaxxed, it's a real health risk for me'?

If that's the case, then the Yanks could proceed accordingly.

But at the very least, Rizzo owes us all an explanation.