Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Yankees need a shortstop who can play the harmonica

 Thanks to Buhner's Ghost. 

Me? I got nuthing. Doing a four-day Bukowski. 

Drunk, el Duque, drunk... 


DickAllen said...

Don’t puke, Buk!

Anonymous said...

True Story

For my 60th Birthday my friends and I took the 3-Hour Bukowski Bus Tour in LA.

It went to the various dive bars, the post office where he worked (and was the influence for Post Office), Skid Row etc.

Two things stood out. The first was, we went to a liquor store in a mini mall in a seedy part of Hollywood near the apartment where he used to live and were told that we could/should buy booze (I chose whiskey) which we could/should then drink on the bus or in the parking lot.

So, a tour bus parked next to mini mall liquor store containing a contingent of comedy writers doing shots of whiskey out of (provided) plastic cups... OK, that's fun but...

Our next stop was the "facility" where Bukowski went to dry out.

Part of me thought that taking a bunch of now drunk tourists into a place where people were working hard to overcome their alcoholism just seemed cruel (to everyone) and another part of me realized that the tour company had to had have some kind of kick back with the liquor store (was it REALLY where Bukowski bought his booze?) and taking us there AFTER the rehab facility probably hurt sales.

The second thing was, that right around the half-way point the tour guide just ran out of things to say and started showing videos of his own acting career.

As one of my friends said when it finished, "I feel like I know less about Bukowski then I did before we got on the bus."

That said, I was able to buy two really cool Bukowski T-Shirts. So there's that.

Doug K.

JM said...

Doug, that "tour" sounds like a scam. But it did have a stop at a liquor store. Might not have been where Bukowski bought booze, but it was a place you could buy booze. So, there's a big plus right there.

Never liked plastic cups, though. Sans a glass, I'd swig from the bottle. Like Gene Wilder with his Woolite.

Anonymous said...


Yes and no. The places were real enough. I think the issue was the guide. (It was 5 years ago so hopefully he's moved on and it is better now.).

That said, the day was a total hoot and we had a great time. They probably should have read more of his stuff to us. Or something. Maybe taken us to the track and let us spend an hour there drinking and playing the ponies. Or let us have sex with tour approved floozies.


I just looked and they've improved the website. Maybe the tour is better too.

Doug K.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Doug, what a BRILLIANT tour idea, even with it's flaws such a fun afternoon with friends. and you're right, having the tour guide give Bukowski readings, even just playing something from one of the many audiobooks would have been better. You got me thinking, and I just looked up my author of choice, William Burroughs, and here's some of his haunts in NYC to check out.

Anonymous said...


A Burroughs tour would be really interesting. The writer of the article should rent a van and formalize it. To make it more interesting he should add a snack break at a Naked Lunch Counter.

As to the one we went on... We had a tradition of every once in a while getting together to do day trips.

Usually when you go to a museum or "place of interest" you go with your wife, or girlfriend, (or partner). It's a totally different experience when you go with your friends. Especially if you pick a place that will evoke responses.

There were times on the bus that were so funny I laughed so hard actually cried and I'm a tough laugh.

I remember reading that William Gaines (publisher of Mad Magazine) used to take all the writers and artists on vacation every year. Those trips must have been amazing!

In some small way we were doing our own small version of that.

Next time I'm in we should rent a van and all drive to the Yogi Berra Museum. It's small. (I've been there) but I'll bet it would be a great field trip.

Vodka and Yoo Hoo all around! I guess that would be a sort poor man's Black Russian. all around (Except for the designated driver)

Doug K.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Doug, ABSOLUTELY, count me in my friend!
I often make art pilgrimages ( I'm a painter/musician) to the Prado, Rijksmuseum, etc, sometimes with my wife, sometimes with a couple of friends, and they are both different and wonderful experiences.

I've missed having our second annual IIHIIFIIC Meet Up this year. The first one (two years ago) was a BLAST because you could finally put faces to names, and we were able to meet our Dear Leader Hart aka El Duque, who as you might expect, was as kind, generous and HILARIOUS as you would expect. Nothing beats spending real time with folks, nothing! Please let us know when you're in NYC again, and I'll make sure to be available for at least a hang, or even a Yogi Museum experience!!!