Thursday, August 12, 2021

Will "Moonlight" Wade get a shot at the Hollywood game?

Lately, Tyler Wade has been the Yankees' best player.

Tyler Wade. 

Trouble is, the Yankees have no place for overachievers. 

They prefer underachievers, whom they theorize will eventually play to their career numbers. They are baseball's premier team for underachievers, playing one at nearly every position.

Joey Gallo is hitting .149 with the Yankees - .213 for the season. He's a career .209. 

Roughned Odor is hitting .225 this season. He's a lifetime .236. 

Wade has raised his average to .262. He's a career .205.

It's almost time for him to disappear into the corn.


JM said...

This is what the Yankees have been waiting for, for years. Wade could always hit in the minors, and his defense--no matter where you put him (unlike, say, Odor)--has always been great. Now, he's starting to hit like they expected him to since the beginning.

Odor, of the crummy average, has a knack for the timely hit since he joined the Yanks. Is there such a thing as a clutch hitter? Beats me, but he does have a bunch of hits when they count. Gallo is not a guy who hits for average. We knew that going in. But between his defense, his home runs, and his high OBP (he never met a walk he didn't like), he's doing just fine, thanks. It would be nice if he hit more, especially home runs, but I'll give him some time. I prefer Rizzo, but Gallo is OK.

Speaking of Rizzo, and of Covid, we should start to get some of the viral guys back soon. The ones who were asymptomatic can dive right in. The others may take a little while to get back in shape. Wish they'd all hurry up already.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Trade Wade now to some sucker before he's back down to .192 in a few weeks.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Let's see, Wade hitting .262 Estrada hitting .303. Sounds like a good swap

Anonymous said...

JM -- Do you ever check actual numbers before you write? Gallo's OBP with the Yankees is a dismal .298 (remember that's judged on a different scale from batting average) and a WAR of MINUS 0.1. But he's doing just fine in JM-land--the land of having no clue.