Friday, August 27, 2021

Drunke Blogge (Continuede)

 Twelve. Watched through the eighth. Figured we'd blown it. Couldn't bear to watch El Chapo. Heart attack, waiting to happen. 

Please drink responsibily. 

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JM said...

I was dreading the meltdown, shutting off the phone in the fourth because I figured Taillon was going to puke it all up. Which he did, but not completely (so close, though). Ended up watching the entire game with the missus and was tearing my hair out when Chapman came in. Why him? He got through the ninth, we won, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, but Jesus Kristofferson, that was a risky move. They had Green warming up and bring in Sweatball instead. I can't figure it.

Abreu--he of the 100 mph fastball--was throwing a lot of sliders (one or two hitting 100) and missing with most of them, and I have to wonder: is Sanchez calling these pitches like he does for Chappie? Just changeups and other non-fastball pitches? Supposedly, Chapman has had serious trouble throwing the hard stuff, but Abreu?

Does Gary just not like catching fastballs or something? Just something to keep an eye on. It's kind of odd.