Wednesday, August 11, 2021

It Took Until The Ninth For Boone To Get It Right

Every time Odor loads up to throw to first base, from third, it is an adventure in physics. 

He should never be Boone's choice for third base.  Period. Stop the experiment.  The lab will burn down.

For " defensive purposes, " finally, Boone re-gigged the infield as follows in the last inning:

First Base - DJ

Second Base - Odor

SS - Velazquez

Third Base - Wade

He had Smith in left, Gardy in center and .149 slugger Joey Gallo in right.

There are better choices for the outfield, but Boone chooses not to make those ( Allen, Florial )

Anyway, Odor only made one error at third and one at second.  Whilst the Fordham Flash ( Velazquez) made one at short.  

Sorry, but Voit belongs on the bench.  He is probably as useful as a pinch runner as a pinch hitter, but he isn't good enough. 

Will we ever have a quality line-up again?

Jason Raspberry pitches tomorrow.  He is just up from our secret Yankee league in Venezuela. The right guy for the " field of dreams."


Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'm preparing for our field of nightmares tomorrow, stocked up on the good scotch!

Celerino Sanchez said...

It's good to see that Gallo has fit seamlessly into this line-up. He certainly isn't showing anyone up

DickAllen said...

Ya gotta cut Booooooone some slack. After all, he’s a color commentator with absolutely no managing experience. Not even little league.

He knows nothing.

Anonymous said...

Celerino Sanchez -- RIM SHOT!

Anonymous Bosch said...

Ken, I'd save that scotch for a more-predictable, happier occasion. Think I'll stick to (cheap) gin and soda with a squirt of lemon tonight. It's too hot for scotch - don't want that single ice cube to melt.

Anonymous said...

And with all of this nuts around in the bullpen, Why isn't Adam Warren up? He has an ERA of 3.02 and there is definitely deadwood on the 40 man.
Couldn't he have been a COVID call up for Holmes? Don't need a 40 man slot then .
Things that make you go -WTF>\?

The Bemused Archangel

Anonymous said...

Hedly LaMarre batting .295
Greg Allen batting .295

but we have Johnathon?

The WTF Archangel [I may just use that as my moniker if I can remember it from day to day]

JM said...

All about winning, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Nobody on the team is named Smith. Davis was placed in left. And, as for Greg Allen and Estevan Florial .....they are not on the roster so they aren't options.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is looking for cheap, effective and vision -altering alcohol for watching the current Yanks, may I recommend Grain Alcohol.
Used to get it at liquor stores in Ohio when I went to Law School there. It is basically moonshine with rudimentary government oversight. One of my friends overindulged and actually had to be hospitalized and have his stomach pumped. He almost died, we thought it was hilarious. he went on to be a Common Court Judge.

It will make Odor look like Brooks Robinson at 3rd.

Who says Law School is a waste of 200K!!
[Talk about inflation, my 3 years tuition and rent amounted to about 24K, somebody is getting rich!!]

The WTF Archangel

Unknown said...

I live in Iowa. I have looked forward to this game for two years - not for any sentimental reason, but so I could drive 49 miles to see the Yankees.

Well - screw that. About 10% of the tickets went by lottery - at $350 or so each. Once they were gone - it’s StubHub and friends. $800 and up.

Out local minor league team is more entertaining than these clowns. As has been said - cash refuses to play anyone young and talented - and I ain’t dropping $800+ to support them.

Yeah - lottery winners HAD to buy two tickets. And parking. Billed separately for some reason.

Don’t care no more. I’d cancel my MLB.TV sub if I could get a refund

HoraceClarke66 said...

Tried some King Kong—corn liquor—once, just to see what it tasted like. It was like drinking paint thinner. (Or what I IMAGINE drinking paint thinner tastes like!)

Unknown, I don't blame you. The awful corporate entity known as MLB is killing the game. This is one more stupid stunt.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Corn-based Moonshine isn't bad when cut with apples or berries. Had some a few weeks ago at a block party.

Alphonso said...

Davis is different from Smith?

I'm not good with names. Especially names of players that should remain anonymous.

Players who add nothing.

Good catch, though. We need someone willing to monitor the details.

I often just make shit up to emphasize a point.

And "white lightening" can be super.