Thursday, June 7, 2012

First round pick Ty Hensley could be greatest Yankee "Hensley" since Bam Bam Muelens

Since the dawn of time, the Yankees have been blessed by great, lyrical minor leaguer no-name names, such as Tucker Ashford, Bronson Sardinha and Colter Bean.   
But no former future hall of famer name ever generated more false hopes than Hensley “Bam Bam Meulens,” (the reincarnation of "Bye Bye" Balboni, except he played on the other side of the infield – if you want to call standing at third base “fielding.”)
Now, at last, we have a new Hensley – Ty Hensley, our first-round stud pitcher pick, the latest “future Roger Clemens,” even if such a designation conjures unintended legal suggestions.  
Obviously, we are in a race to give this young 6’5” hurler a nickname, such as “Ty the Guy,” or Ty “Em Up” Hensley.
In remembrance of an august Yankee tradition, I suggest the following:
 “Meulens” Hensley.


Celerino Sanchez said...

I have 50 mint condition Hensley (the Curacao Crusher) Muellens Rookie cards stashes away some day for an emergency. I can always sell them to the sawdust mill

Bye Bye Balboni said...

I take umbrage at your comments.

Cowgirl-Up said...

I have the perfect nickname.

Perfect in that it reflects his history and his future ( which, by the way, never arrives).

It is written in Incan Spanish ( historical cross breeding), but I have conjured an English translation from this now dead language.

Roughly, it comes out as, " Andy Brackman."

Cowgirl-Up said...

Cowgirl up is actually Alphonso with wires crossed.