Monday, June 4, 2012

Great moments in fan disruptions

No collection of great fan sporting disruptions is complete without revisting the historic Chris Chamblis home run of 1976, which propelled the Yankees into the World Series.

Circling the bases, Chamblis made one of greatest runs in Yankee Stadium football history. Here, he dodges an attempted tackle by a fan who goes too low on the hit. See how Chamblis is veering right, faking out the dumpy fan in the leisure suit, while other defenders measure their angles.

Obviously, Chamblis had blockers - look at the size of this whole - but as he sharply cuts left, causing the man in the trench coat to surrender, while the bearded fan remains in pursuit, a defender at the bottom of the screen sizes him up a head-on hit.

Of course, football always had headhunters. Check out the animal athleticism of this fan, leaping like an outfielder over the fence, trying to rob Chamblis' helmet. No security guard can stop a fan like that.


lackaperspective said...

It's "hole" not "whole." Who's your copy editor?

You get a pass because it is a pretty entertaining analysis.

Joe De Pastry said...

@ lackaperspective,
what makes you think any of this stuff gets edited? that would defeat the purpose.

I failed in my first effort to type the not a robot words because the first "word" was three ghost faces, and no such characters appear on my keyboard, only in my nightmares.

MUSTANG!! Selah.