Sunday, June 3, 2012

Michael Kay called it right Friday - (WB Mason might not agree) - but now the Mets know the secrets of juju

Friday night, while the Maglio Ordonezless Tigers were trying hard to lose, Michael Kay revealed to the YES Yankiverse news of something better in another world.
He basically said, “Johan Santana has a no-hitter going after eight innings.”

For tens of thousands of Yankee fans, it was like on “Fringe,” where the hot lady scientist suddenly realizes the existence of a new alternate universe, and instantly wants to go there and put on a tank top. How many of us immediately clicked to Met World? And how many of us took our Yankee-made juju?

For Kay... frankly, three cheers! It was the Cronkite thing to do. Hell, it was the Torre thing to do. Besides, the sponsors are the same anyway; it’s like going to a foreign city and seeing the same mall chains.)

But what did it do to Yankee juju for 2012?

(Personal note: This has been a rotgut season for juju. For starters, I shouldn’t have written my book, “The Juju Rules.” I now acknowledge this. It was the wrong thing to do – telling the world how we’ve been cheating all these years, how Yankee fans have been controlling play from the comfort of our homes. God, I’m the fan juju version of Jose Canseco, spilling the beans about pep pills. What can I say? I sold out. I chased the fame, the fortune, the sex and the glory. And now, I can tell you that sleeping with supermodels and smoking bath salts is just a hollow, shallow life… because it cannot compensate for the Yankees losing.)  

But shucks, this is not about me. It's about the team. And let’s face it, Friday night, Michael Kay pulled the pin on a juju grenade and tossed into the New York City fan pool. There’s no doubt that Yankee fan juju helped Santana pitch his no-hitter. That catch in left field didn’t happen by itself. That ball Beltran hit down the line didn’t go foul by itself. That was juju, my friends, five-tool juju... and Met fans don’t bring that kind of stuff to a game.

In baseball terms, Michael Kay has just done the equivalent of giving the Russians the secrets to the atom bomb. The Yankees had better start hitting with runners on base. Otherwise, when they finally get around to it, they might find nobody watching. 

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Alphonso said...

Not to mention; the ensuing grief, horror and dismay forced me to flee south and dirty.

My Ju-Ju powers went negative.

Do they still germinate?