Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Yankees' Lead Is Meaningless

There is a lot of euphoria passing about these days.

1.  The supreme court decision.

2.  The quality of certain substances.

3.  The Yankee's AL East lead.

The truth is, we are no better positioned than last year for the post season.  Sure, we may win 96 games, but what will happen in round one of the playoffs?

We can't hit home runs, willy nilly, against top pitchers in the playoffs.  We have to manufacture runs, play great defense, run the bases wisely, and pitch great.

We may yet pull this off but the formula, so far, does not project well.

So have another drink, sit down and be real.


Moneyplays said...

When did Alphonso get back?

MUSTANG said...

Alphonso returned to us on Tuesday. Fresh from his bus trip, he seemed almost optimistic. The next day, Andy broke his leg.

MUSTANG said...

His own leg, that is. Not Alphonso's.

Kei G. Bird said...

More's the pity.

MUSTANG said...

Alphonso, when are you coming to the land of unlimited parking and storage?

bennyboy said...

Yeah. We didn't rely on home runs during the dynasty. Nor did we rely on home runs in 2009. Nope. Never. That 1998 World Series was all about base stealing and crafty base running.

Kei G. Bird said...

We'll never have a another player with the baserunning prowess of Jorge Posado.

Let's hope.