Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brian Cashman is catching grief for supposedly opposing the Alphonso Soriano trade: If he did, GOOD FOR HIM

A mini-controversy is raging in the left-brain of the Yankiverse, apparently because Brian Cashman went Lizzie Borden on some reporter who suggested that he opposed the Alphonso Soriano trade. At the time, Cashman went on record saying he didn't want to give up Corey Black. You can read all about it in River Ave.

Of course, this is an another example of the Yankees prematurely claiming that a trade is a grand success. Yeah, Sori has been on a tear. But frankly,  I see him standing at home plate - watching the ball all the way to the wall (which it doesn't always go over) -  and I think, "This is our clubhouse veteran next year." The Cubs knew exactly what they were giving away.  Who knows what Corey Black will be, but for the Yankiverse to start a witch-hunt over whether Cashman opposed the deal is almost as ridiculous as Cashman rushing to insist he always supported it. Good God, are we nuts or what?

After the Vernon Wells deal - (we traded Exicaino Cayones and Kramer Sneed for the lug) - the Yankee brass quickly took victory bows. Wells looked good in April. Now, as we stare into the gaping jaws of having him next year, it's  clear that California knew exactly what it was giving away.

Actually, I'm sorry to be whipping on Wells, because he runs out balls - he's been more of team guy than I thought he would be -  but he hasn't hit a lick since May, and when your cleanup hitter tanks, you are dead.

Did we win on the Wells trade? I dunno. Would we have been better off playing Juan Rivera or Zolio or one of the lost legions from the scrap heap? I dunno. But when I think of Wells playing for us next year... Kramer Sneed sounds pretty interesting.

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