Friday, August 30, 2013

The Playoffs Start Tonight

Ten games at home. We need to win eight.

Anybody wanna buy a bridge?

Starting now, A-Rod must hit in the clutch. Beginning this weekend, Phil Hughes - or whomever it is - must be lights-out. In a few hours, Robbie's hand must heal. Maybe Slade Heathcott will jell! We must play better than we have all season. Eight out of ten. No problemo. Then, we need to drive to Baltimore and win three out of four.

Murderer's Row, and then Cano. Isn't that what they once called us?

That's what we need.

Well, sorry... because I'm not saying anything you don't already know. The '13 season started on a crappy note, getting whupped by Boston, and our pennant hopes ended shortly after the All-Star break. Our Wild Card race - which was expanded by King Bud last year - is probably going to end within a hangover of Labor Day, with a whole stinking month left to play.  After that, we can "relish our role as spoilers!"

For the Yankees to compete meaningfully in 2014, Bud Selig needs to add another Wild Card slot. No, make it two.

The two Wild Wild Card teams would play a five-innings, winner take-all half game, in the ballpark of the team that clinched the second Wild Card berth. The team that wins the half-game would play the Second Wild Card in a traditional one-game series.

Maybe Bud can add four more Wild Wild Wild Cards. They would play one-inning games - no, better idea: One batter vs. one pitcher - a one at-bat playoff round. Think of it: If he gets on base, his team advances to the five-inning game, and then to the single whole Wild Card game. The Yankees would, of course, be Wild Wild Wild Card favorites, because we would send up The Captain. Then in the five-inning game? Hmmm.  Right now, I'd go with Adam Warren, the hot hand!  That would free up Andy for the Wild Card game - I think he'll turn 50 next year - and who knows, one of these days, Slade Heathcott will jell!

Eight of ten, folks.


JM said...

Cashman was for the trade until he was against it. Then he was for it.

See? It worked so well for John Kerry.

KD said...

Here it is August 30th and this will be my first chance to see Jeet. What a year...

I'm going to check the in-stadium stores again for A-Rod stuff tonight. It'll be interesting if the purge has been reversed and the A-Rod gear is back.

Let's go Yankees!!!

Mustang said...

KD, let us know. Thanks.

manx said...

This is our season right here. These next 17 games make or break the 2013 Yankees postseason hopes. If we go on a 17 game win streak we'll still probably fall short of the World Series in October.

manx said...

Who's Sori now? Well not Alfonso. He has the first Yankee hit of the night and that of course is sponsered by Sunoco. Get the Rewards+ card and save now.

manx said...

Double Double Homer and Double. Double Double Toil and Trouble. There's the runner at second and Gardner has got to get him over to second. We take 15 seconds station ID on the Yankees Radio Network.

KD said...

Glorious game. John M would've loved Suzuki's HR. And Mo was Mo. Loved it!

It was also Yogi bobblehead night, so we got one of those odd things that look nothing like the person being honored. I said to the guy next to me, wouldn't it be great if Yogi came? But he's too old, right? Wrong! they drove him in from center on a golf cart and he was smiling and waving. Great, great time!

Interesting to see that A-Rod shirts are back for sale in the Stadium. Youk shirts out, A-Rod shirts in. I smiled.