Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yankeetorial: Cash and A-Rod reach same conclusion: NO DEALS

This I believe:

1. The entire world, including children in China who have never heard of baseball, believed Buyin' Cashman would cut a deal for somebody, anybody. Thank God he held his ground. Obviously, the Phillies - still sore about Johnny Damon stealing two bases on one pitch - sought two pounds of flesh for Michael Young, so screw 'em. My greatest fear yesterday was that we would add another Danny Tartabull to the 2014 roster.

2. If A-Rod has any fans left in this world - aside from pro wrestling queens and grads of the Kato Kaelin Institute for Hired Entourage - they are diesel-snorting Yankee fans who long ago pitched morality aside to support their empire of evil. We rooted for Mel Hall. We rooted for Randy Levine. We held our noses through the Guiliani era razing of Yankee Stadium, our great cathedral, so luxury crappers could be installed for Koch brothers and East Coast versions of the Kardashians. If Alex Rodriguez is convicted of harvesting body parts from young children, we'll still root for him - as long as the bastard hits. So he must keep fighting. None of us has a choice here. Aside from Kato, we're all he's got. Aside from Brent Lillibridge, he's all we've got. What a marriage, eh?

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