Friday, August 9, 2013

The A-Rod Time Rhyme

The season’s dwindling like a fuse,
Like long-lost hopes for Philip Hughes,
That streak in May? Twas just a ruse.
Now A-Rod’s back:
Break out the boos.

We burned through Adams, Nix and Cruz,
Mere phantoms in the mainstream news.
Now nothing's left, we've naught to lose,
Folks, A-Rod’s back:
Break out the boos.

We diehard fans don’t get to choose
How far to walk within these shoes.
Our loyalties we won't excuse,
We have no right to sing the blues.
Friends, A-Rod’s back:
Break out the boos.

1 comment:

KD said...

I won't be booing A-Rod tonight unless his performance on the field merits it. All the A-Rod bashing is bringing me over to his side. If A-Rod sent flowers to his mother, some ESPN hack would find fault. I'm tired of it. Let's play ball and get better than KC. Is that too much to ask?