Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just for mouthing off about us, Buck Showalter should have to watch us sign Matt Wieters in two years

Buck Showalter is carping about how a lifetime ban against A-Rod is a lucky thing for the Yankees. (He doesn't understand. He never did.)

He says if the Yankees can escape paying A-Rod's salary, it's a certainty that we will sign Matt Wieters when he becomes a free agent.

Hell, I've never heard it mentioned or pondered... until now.

I say, if Buck don't like it... make it happen, Hal.


Mustang said...

This is exactly what Buck wants. Have you looked at Wieters' numbers? The old Yankee-hater will uncork champagne the day he sees his perpetually disappointing catcher in pinstripes.

joe de pastry said...

Fuck Buck.

Anonymous said...

worry not, Mustang. he's not over 30.

SanJoseKid said...

I tried to slip $100 to Chris Dickerson, just before his release by the Orioles. He was supposed to give Buck a hot foot in the dugout, and when Buck's shoes ignited Chris was supposed to yell, "that's for taking your regulars off the field. El Duque send his regards."

Mike said...

I think ol' Elroy Jetson better watch his mouth; I don't his statement counts as tampering but the way Fast Buddy's been playing with precedence lately, anything can happen...could what seems like a verbal slam at the free-agency system be construed as conduct detrimental to the game? Just wonderin'.