Saturday, August 24, 2013

In The End, It Is All Wishful Thinking

It is my fault.

I thought I could sneak in a meaningless comment without impacting the Ju-Ju that was working for the Yankees, but I was wrong.

Next time the Yankees go on a run, if I am still alive, I will simply remain silent.

Now that I have awakened, however, I want to point out the obvious.  This team, even with the band-aid squad back on scene, does not have the horses to win.

If you look carefully, our line-up is still overflowing with guys hitting .218, give or take.  A-Rod is back to taking that first pitch strike meatball, and then flailing at either low inside, or low outside balls.  With two strikes, he watches a perfect pitch paint the plate and walks to the dugout, spitting seed husks.

Derek, meanwhile, is having mixed results ( good hit; bad field ) in Scranton.  Each game, another of our .218 hitters goes on the DL, or turns up under the weather. Nunny is playing hurt and is still worthy of an error a game, if needed.

 It is nice to have Tex on the bench for home games, though.  Don't you agree?

Kuroda held this team up for most of the year, and now he is fading.  Andy is rallying a bit, but is still only good for 6 innings. And how much does he have left for September, against the quality teams? CC wins if we score 8 or 9.  Hughes is a mystery ready to be traded, where he will become a consistent winner.  Phellps is done and Bettances now has the job of inflating the balloons for kiddy day in Scranton.

More no-names keep appearing.  But they all hit .218.

And, as our captain ( El Duque ) mentioned;  when the September call-up floods the bench,  when pumpkin seed sellers have their " Black September" for sales, the average age of the team will rise whilst our team BA will diminish.

We have no talent at all in the minors.  None.  Remember?

Final prediction for 2013:  In the end, the Yankees will stay in the hunt but miss the playoffs by a single game.  One loss too many.

One blown save.


Anonymous said...

You self absorbed arrogant piece of shit, you mean nothing. You really think the Yankees win or lose based on your bowel movements, you bowel movement.

They lost the game because I was getting laid.

Moe Berg said...

except for the getting laid part, I agree.

KD said...

People. can't we all just get along? What about the children??