Sunday, August 4, 2013

On List Mess Eve, some questions

If A-Rod took performance enhancing drugs - as everybody knows he did - why didn't it show up in MLB's vaunted drug tests?

If A-Rod cheated on those tests - as everybody knows he did - could others have evaded them, too?

If the drug tests aren't working, why should we assume the game is clean?

This is rather oblique, but how is it that A-Rod, in what may be his final appearance in a professional baseball uniform, gets walked four times? Were the pitchers that afraid of him? What would be the point of walking him? At one point, a pitcher walked him to put runners on first and second base. Why would a pitcher do that? It wasn't as if the pitchers were wild - the two pitchers walked six batters total, A-Rod four times. Why would they never even let him swing the bat?

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