Thursday, August 15, 2013

So, How Is The Killer "B" Doing?

Good morning, faithful.

I was on a bender, praise the Lord.  Martinis and oysters at 11:45 am and then the beach.

The party way up on some Red Sox owned spit of land surrounded by ocean.  Cape Horn, I think they call it.

But I did hear some sun-burned fat guy yell something about Dellin Bettances showing up in the Bronx.

Did he get into the 14 run game?  Did he pitch or play first?

After all these tedious years of failure, investment, re-positioning and hope, do we have anything?

A taller Colter Bean?

A stalk of nothing?

Why isn't this blog covering this creep?

I do know that Alphonso was the man last night.

Thanks, everyone.


Mustang said...

Let's continue this conversation in three or four years, when Betances returns to the Bronx. Fifty pounds heavier, not counting the steel plate in his head and the prosthetic foot.

JM said...

Betances lived up to the Killer B billing. He got killed.