Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I said in January

A little right, a little wrong.

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Alphonso said...

Let's be honest; every hope on your January list has tanked.

Romine can't hit.
No one has ever heard of the high school kid.
Austin is a .250 singles hitter
Williams is worse than Austin.
The guy with the interesting name ( Heathcott) would be better off in a Dicken's novel than baseball
Adam Warren is bad at being mediocre
That weird-named second baseman ( soon to be outfielder, soon to be forgotten) is a .218 hitter
Bettances is the last dead "B"
Everyone else of interest is just out of their second or third arm reconstruction, save for the lefty with the year-long, season-ending groin pull.

We are done for our lifetimes, unless the Yankee's investment in Chinese baseball suddenly pays off.