Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Show a little faith, there's magic in the mike: Met fan Chris Christie attacks The Master, ensuring he will never reach thuuuuuuuuuuuuh White House

He hugs Obama, ridicules Ron Paul's boy, and now this:

Garden State Gov. Chris Christie - aka the "Talking Tummy Band" - has ripped the legendary radio voice of the New York Yankees for being - well - John Sterling.

For reasons that would need to be explained by Theodore H. White, Christie yesterday co-hosted a sports talk show on WFAN radio. Quickly, he was asked - as certainly all prospective voters yearn to know - his personal opinion on thuuuuuuuuh Yankee announcing team.

"I don't want to hear one more thing from John Sterling. You can play Suzyn Waldman any time you want, but John Sterling turns my stomach. ... I just can't take him."

Obviously, Christie is courting the lady vote. It won't work. Christie is a card-carrying Met fan. The United States has never elected a Met fan President. It never will. You can look it up.  The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College to make sure it never happens.  And if Christie runs against Hillary (Yankee fan, by the way), the attack on The Master should be played at the Democratic Convention.


SanJoseKid said...

As Keith Olbermann (also a Yankee fan) said in reference to the Rex Ryan controversy, "I can't believe it but I agree with Chris Christie."

manx said...

It's a Reynolds Wrap! And he wraps one into the bullpen.

After the game be sure to stay tuned for the Reynolds Wrapup Show.

JM said...

I didn't know Sterling was strong enough to turn Christie's stomach. That takes more muscle power than turning the QE 2.

KD said...

A Met fan should have the decency to NOT comment on talents and abilities they do not comprehend, such as the pure light of Yankee goodness that is our hero. ANYTHING a Met fan says should be judged by the fact that - well - THEY'RE A MET FAN!!!

Mike said...

Geez, another CC pissing me off. One doesn't put a bosock (I refuse to capitalize, in this way only) on his ass the first chance he gets; the other (being a politician) is even lamer. Think about it; think about this guy saying SUZYN is the real go-to announcer. I think he's still on an "I had a good enough arm to win the president a bear he brought with him in the first place" high. Makes him think he has a grip on sports and those who play and follow it. My only advice beyond disregarding every single thing he says is this: look at the fucker. Do you think for a second he could beat out Jim Burt (or Joe Klecko) even one chance in a thousand? Bring those guys in now; they'd...do what they had to to beat him.

Congrats, Mr. Arbuckle. You throw slightly better than the president. Doesn't mean you know or are able to do shit in sports. The doing I am cool with; I can't do it either. The talking without knowledge I cannot abide.

I submit that John Sterling could kick your ass in sports knowledge any day of the week. I'm not sure he couldn't beat you in actual performance of sports, either. I assume you have no pride (evidence: career choices) but I can assure you as a man who has listened to JS for decades that you never want anyone to be able to say that about you, much less feel it in their heart.

I'll shut up; wouldn't want to make the guvnuh cry.

Jayson Nix, infielder extraordinaire said...

I don't give a shit if you are a governor. Lay your paws on Suzyn Waldman and I'll kick your ass. The bitch is MINE!