Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley Cyrus didn't invent the Twerk

Who can forget when Don Zimmer and Pedro Martinez 
bumped and jammed together at the 2002 MTV awards.
Back in the 1950s, TV viewers were 
appalled when Yogi "did it" with Don Larson
These days, A-Rod loves to 
spontaneously twerk 
during Yankee games.

Even the Captain gets into the act!


Brian Cashman said...

2014 Opening Day line-up of the New York Yankees:

1) Brett Gardner
2) Derek Jeter SS
3) Chase Headley 3B
4) Alfonso Soriano LF
5) Hunter Pence DH
6) Mark Teixeira 1B
7) Eric Sogard 2B
8) Gustavo Molina C
9) Ichiro Suzuki RF

Plenty of seats available!

el duque said...

Gards cf, Jeet 3b, Robbie 2b, Sori lf, Tex 1b, Zolio rf, DH to be named later, Nuni ss, Romine c.

Mike said...

This is great...but I have a bone to pick with that Pedro/Zim photographer: it's a wonderful photo but if it'd been snapped a split-second later (or earlier; it might have been an uppercut) El Asshole's pissy little paw might have blocked the bottom two left-side letters of that Giant Glass sign, thereby rendering this picture (or, rather, the one that replaced it) perfect.

First junior high, and now this. Damn, timing sucks sometimes.