Monday, August 19, 2013

The Yankees are now officially Back. Hot. Together. Returning. Glotchy. Parumbus.

I give up. Ten brain burps.

1. It's too late for The Great Reawakening. Two weeks too late. Everybody knows this. Nevertheless, last night was the peak of the season. Can we actually turn it around? Damn. We fall for this... every time.

2. Who cares if there is acrimony between A-Rod and the Yankee front office. If they are all gone next spring, it would be fine with me.

3. Brett Gardner is the de facto captain of the Yankees.

4. Thank God Joe got himself tossed from the game. I was proud of him.

5. At one point, Curt Schilling on ESPN actually compared last night's Yankee uprising to the 2004 championship series, when the Redsocks rallied. (Anything to mention that series, eh?) Whenever Schilling spoke, his words were flavored with contempt for the Yankees. He's worse than Sterling. At least John is beset by unbridled Yankee joy. Schilling just hates the Yankees.

6. At this point, we should have one basic quest: Keep the Redsocks out of the playoffs.

7. If there is a moral standard on all this A-Rod business - and I've been arguing for weeks that we should not apply morality to baseball - Ryan Dempster hit a new low. That was as blatant as blatant gets.

8. A-Rod used the appeals process to to hit one of the most memorable home runs of his career.

9. The Redsocks really look like whiners, complaining that A-Rod is playing against them. They also look nervous. I think they're going to crack apart and finish out of the running.

10. As soon as we fall out of this, we should send CC to California and let him rest. It hurts to see him struggle so badly. He's not getting better.


Kenny Phelps said...

I love that everyone is talking about how Dempster hit ARod because of the PEDs stuff, and it's really cause ARod snubbed him at a public event:

KD said...

So, Dempster put his own personal upset above his team. HA! What an asshole.

I guess there is a God after all and He's a Yankee fan!

Squid Lips said...

#2: Acrimony is GOOD in the Bronx. Somebody mentioned the 1978 Yankees, being 8+ games out, left for dead. And then the team went nuts (and, as often happens, the Sox COKED), resulting in the Boston Massacre of 1978, a battle that ranks right up there with Trenton and Saratoga. Billy fought Reggie who fought Thurman, and everybody hated King George. Acrimony!

a minion said...

My blood boils with redsocks hatred. not just for the team but also for those odious, subhuman pricks in boston who call themselves fans. in September we have 5 games against the O's and 3 against the rays. if we are truly out of the running, why not let Joba come in late and throw batting practice to these guys and lose every game? Hell, bring up the entire SWB and Trenton pitching squads and have them toss underhand. If we can't win, let's take the postseason from those evil pricks by loosing to their competition.

Buck Showalter, Manager of the perennial "Looser" Orioles said...

WWBSD= What would Buck Showalter Do. Incidentally, you spelt "losing" just like the guy with the sign ("Looser"). Sure you ain't some Red Sux fan trollin' along?

another minion said...

I am a troll of the North Way. a troll for El Duque! we come here for our secret instructions hidden in Alfonso's missives. only readable when you purchase the official IIHIIFIIc decoder ring. soon. much sooner than you may think, the Youk banner will be gone. you know, the one near gate 8. it has cursed us long enough.

Sauron the All-Seeing said...

Ah, I know who you are! But I won't give it away. You contribute to this blog under another name as well.

duque's lowly minion said...

You are so kind, Sauron. You make this blog safe for a little prankster like me. BTW, you work for the NSA? All those emails of mine to Yemen? Just joking around, you know. I'm a kidder...