Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yesterday, a guy I talked with had this whole A-Rod thing figured out

"I say, A-Rod oughta start juicing. Why the hell not? What can they do? Kick his fat ass out of the game? Good grief: They already done that. 

"Hell. He oughta get himself good and juiced-up - I mean, feeling mighty prime - and then go whack himself, say, 40 homers over the next three weeks. I'm talking serious juicin', the high-test stuff they use on Kentucky Derby hopefuls. He oughta get himself a juice version of the morphine drip, so when he comes up with runners on, he can squeeze out an extra dollop, just to help his eyesight. That what it does, you know. It helps you see better.

"So if A-Rod juices, what's stupid-old Bud Selig gonna do about it? Go whining to the TV shows? Hell with that! Forty home runs would win a few ballgames for this Yankee team, and they'll goddamm need it, if they're gonna steal that last Wild Card slot from the stupid Kansas City dopes. Hah! Wouldn't that be a pisser! I bet them cornfield rubes would do some hard, stuck-pig yelling, if A-Rod juiced up and stole their last Wild Card slot, 'cause that's the one they're mooning over.

"Goddammit, the Yankees got last chance for 2013. I'm saying, 'Juice, A-Rod, dammit, juice-away!"


manx said...

One game over .500. We're pathetic. If I had anger issues, I would go Paul O'Neill all over the place and destroy everything. Speaking of the Warrior, I saw his nephew Sunday at the Williamsport Crosscutters. Looks like Mike O'Neill has the same fire in him as his uncle. The SI Yankees lost that game 3-0. As much as we suck right now, I still stand with my team. God bless the Yankees.

manx said...

This is how I feel.

JM said...

Jeez, Manx, I don't do Facebook. Can't you just copy and paste it here? Guess it must be a visual.

We suck. Even Mo couldn't put it away, two outs and two strikes on Dunnderhead. Cripes.

CC didn't give up 6 runs, I guess that's progress. But he basically blew a 4-0 lead. Looked really good for 4 innings or so. Michael Kay made it sound like he pitched a gem. Well, for CC, I suppose it was.

I at some point before I gave up watching completely, the Yanks were 1 for 13 with RISP. Joe de Pastry, wherever you are, THAT'S a stat that matters. And it's pathetic.

Thank Good for USA Network. At least I can watch NCIS reruns instead of games. That's preferable at this point.

Anonymous said...

we may not be going anywhere in the post season but maybe we can keep somebody else from going somewhere. That's what evil people do, dammit. Let's go for that wild card!!!