Saturday, August 3, 2013

Floundering without a boat.........

So they finally make my namesake a Yankee again,. He flashes a bit and then they sit him for Grandy, who strikes out twice, bangs into a DP and hits a come-backer to the mound.

Is he really ready for the big leagues?  Are the Padres in the big leagues?

I should have realized, early, that the Yankees were back on their two run ( and score them
 early) offense treadmill.  Instead, I watch CC collapse like water torture.  He was badly squeezed on a number of critical calls, and the umpires, in general, performed well for the Pods.

This offense just cannot overcome blown calls, costing us base runners.

But even with the return of some big names we appear to have no chance.  No clutch hits except for Overbay.

See you in last place.

 Staying up this late, with a full bottle to start out, is going to kill me.

Is it a day game today?

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JM said...

At least Granderson had the decency to get injured, and twice. CC, unfortunately, keeps on pitching, and Girardi keeps leaving him in for his 100 minimum pitches, no matter what.

This team was kind of interesting to watch, even though they weren't winning. Now we're back to no winning with no surprises and no excitement. I'd rather go to Citi and see the Mets at this point.