Saturday, June 21, 2014

10 elements of world history that pivoted last night on one swing of a bat

1. To sweep the series, Baltimore must now beat Tanaka, and that won't happen.

2. McCann and Beltran - the guys we need - triggered the rally.

3. We torched the O's formerly unhittable closer.

4. We saved Solarte from the hot seat of having lost the game with his error.

5. We flipped Baltimore in the standings.

6. Beltran's signature arrival as a Yankee.

7. It kept Soriano from coming up and probably making the final out.

8. We didn't have to use David Robertson.

9. The team won't have to hear critics rail about the lack of clutch hitting.

10. The polar caps stopped melting, and war has ended in Iraq.


John M said...

My taking another shot at Beltran yesterday (and McCann and Sori and Thornton) proved...beneficial.

I would say more but it's too easy to reverse the reversal of reverse Juju, so shhh...

Bob said...

So next time when needed we cancel ujuj?

Ken of Brooklyn said...

YES, NuJuju is a surreal and fickle creature, keep up the good work John M!

Anonymous said...

Yay John M.! You saved the season. Hopefully when Cashman's time as GM is up, you'll get the position.


Anonymous said...

One of the most fundamental rules of juju is to never brag about it. So John M., thanks for Saturday's loss.

BCA said...

Your wrong Anon. El Duque brags every morning, that's what makes this blog so fun.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

We ALL wish John M had the same power over NuJuju that he has over you Anonymous, we'd be 25 games over 500, LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ken of Brooklyn =

3====) - - -