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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Speaking of Boston...

And of KD's comment about the Yankees going after Ortiz (won't happen, no way...but with our front office...).

Whose steroid-fueled noggin is bigger? The revered, or the reviled?

Kevin Mench, eat your heart out.


Todd said...

Those monster coconuts are due to HGH, not steroids. See the following:

HGH is still rampant throughout baseball--there is really no effective way to test for it that really can catch anyone. Baseball's whole testing program is a joke--the whole raft of Biogenesis cheats were caught by documentary, not lab, evidence. Just think how many juicers are out there still playing dodgeball with the urine cup and winning--probably most of the players in the game..

el duque said...

The Yankees' biggest head belongs to Michael Kay, and that's our problem in a nutshell.