Monday, June 23, 2014

Last hurrah?

I hope not.

Of the people I've never met, few in this world ever brought me more joy than Whitey and Yogi. They made me into a lifelong, psychotic, irrational, disturbed Yankee fan - for which I will always be grateful. (Hey, the alternative might have been being a lifelong, psychotic, irrational disturbed Met fan. Would that be better?)

Once a year, I get to check on them. Yesterday, they looked mighty frail. At the risk of sounding psychotic, irrational and disturbed, I'm not sure they'll both be here next June.

It sure would be nice to see them throwing out pitches in the 2014 World Series - and, yes, we are still in that race. But losing 8-0 at home to the Orioles on Old-Timers Day, in front of a sell-out crowd, two days after a miracle comeback, with Tanaka on the mound... Folks, that does not inspire hope. Every time this team takes a step forward, it seems to follow up with an equal step backwards. If we glump around in Toronto and fall back to .500, the front office must make some seriously difficult decisions about the future. And we might just have to hope that Whitey and Yogi can make it for another year.

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KD said...

who else noticed that these icons were forced to wear those terrible spring training hats?

Give it up! I will never buy one!!