Friday, June 13, 2014

The Yankees will slap their logo on anything, as long as you can drink it

Now, from the House that Ruth brewed - the best way to make it through the four days between Tanaka's starts: Yankees Wine.

By slapping an interlocking "NY" on a cheap bottle, the Yankees can probably double the price and bank the profit. (Isn't that what they did this year with their infield?)

When you think of Yankees, you think of pride, power, pinstripes and - now - proof.


Yankee Clipper said...

Maybe tag some Marilyn Merlot.

Ken said...

And, of course, the interlocking NY on the snake oil they are selling their fans in the guise of a baseball team this year.

KD said...

I have on a shelf in my office a bottle of "Jorge Cabernet", which I think is 7 or 8 years old. has a nice action shot of Posada on the label. I saw it at a liquor store in Jersey and bought it (of course) and expected to see other players (Bernie Barolo?) but, alas, I never found any.