Thursday, June 19, 2014

The downside of the new instant replay rule is that "challenges" are almost meaningless

In the NFL, coaches have to throw the challenge flag relatively soon after a disputed call. The offense can move into position and start a play.

But in MLB, the manager simply meanders out to the mound and chats about the weather, while the team video technician - and the entire home TV audience - discerns whether the call was proper.

At that point, everybody in the baseball world - except the umps - knows what will be the final decision. And if the call is to be overturned, we must then endure the two-to-five minute wait, while the lawyers at Bud Selig's Mission Command pound through the digital tape and issue their ruling.

Don't know how they fix this, but it sure is a dead point in a game. Maybe MLB needs a 24 second clock.

You've got 24 seconds, Joe, to throw down the gauntlet. Just how sure are you of the outcome?

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Alphonso said...

But this step causes the right decisions to be made. In the NFL, they blow them half the time even with instant reply.