Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let's Play Cards !

The game is one all Yankee fans know.  You played it on vacation, sitting on the porch, on a rainy day.

It is called; " Crazy 8's."

As in:

Yanks lose 8-0

Yanks lose 8-3

Yanks lose tonight 8-?

If you get it right, you get a vacation in the rain with a bunch of kids.


Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

You know, there was actually some hope - a faint glimmer of it - right around the time I was getting ready to shut the game off (just before the Teixeira collision). I should know better.

When the debacle was over, the MLB.TV screen on my computer said "Thank You For Watching - The Game Has Ended." I think maybe it should have said "The Season Has Ended."

KD said...

Dear Mr. Solarte,

Thank you for the exciting spring training and the glimmers of hope provided April through early June. The baseball freaks were maybe wrong about you but, alas, they were not. Dude, it's over. I know you can see this.

I hope you always treasure your Yankee memories.

All my best,


P.S. Please remember that the Yankees take inventory and you will be charged for any towels found missing after you clean out your locker.

Alphonso said...

And don't steal one of Derek Jeter's gloves ! It is not an original idea, and it is demeaning to the memories you have of April and May.

Get yourself a nice turkey sandwich for the
bus ride to Scranton, slathered with Durkee's salad dressing ( available at Gristedes in NYC ), an
Orangina, and a York peppermint pattie.

Lean back in the special recliner chair, and remember the good days. Watch the scenery. Dream of meeting Cito Culver at the bar of a Super 8 motel and re-hashing for him what it was like.

Because Cito will never experience it.

When things were good.