Saturday, June 7, 2014

Big night for irrelevant organizational fodder

Not that it matters, what with the Dream Team busting out and scoring four runs. But the Scranton dead-enders be "rakin' leaves." Kyle Roller went 4-5, with a double and his 14th HR, having ignited that offense since arriving three weeks ago... not that anybody should be keeping track.

Just close your eyes and keep repeating, "He's NOT a prospect, it doesn't matter, he's NOT a prospect, it doesn't matter..." At least, that's what the Yankees are doing.


John M said...

But...But...Tex is a proven veteran. And Kelly Johnson. And McCann. So what are you implying?

Anonymous said...

Just put Gardner, Ellsbury and Solarte together at the top then have Tanaka and Whitley pitch 6-7 shutout innings on three days rest and follow with Betances until all of their arms fall off.