Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At last, someone has the courage to print the truth

It's rare to find someone whose unquenchable thirst for the truth allows them to break from the pack and actually report on the world as it is, rather than regurgitate the reflections of that reflections, which are troweled out by the usual mass media simpletons - who display all the thought and humanity of a Garmin GPS voice. At last... someone has the decency to tell it like it is. 

Maybe it was missing the playoffs, maybe it was distancing themselves from the heavy douchitational pull of A-Rod, maybe it was (for once) not being able to keep their star player who came up as a Yankee, maybe it was just "classin' it up" for Derek "the classiest guy that ever played baseball" Jeter, maybe the bandwagon emptied out...but these weren't the Yankees fans from previous years. I'm still reeling from the shock.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa R. Murrow.

During the Coliseum's not-so-shining moment, i.e. the 38-minute delay due to light failure, not one Yankees fan made a snide comment to me about my crappy stadium or third rate team or whatever. They just...pleasantly sat around talking and enjoying the night at the ballpark. When I needed to get out of my row, they were...polite.

Regularly, Yankee fans are described as colossal boars, walking fat farms who leave every toilet seat up and befoul every stadium with the sulfurous scent of indignity.  Well, I guess it's not true.

Boston fans, you're now a 2:1 favorite to claim sole possession of first in the worst visiting fan power rankings this weekend. I'm sure you won't disappoint.
Meet the new Evil Empire, the one that kills you with kindness.*
*Until they start winning again.


KD said...

"...the heavy douchitational pull of A-Rod..."

THAT, my friends, is writing!

John M said...

"...walking fat farms who leave every toilet seat up and befoul every stadium with the sulfurous scent of indignity."

Duque is on fire, KD.