Monday, June 30, 2014

The Culprit. The Enabler. The Facilitator. The Total Failure.

All along, that person has been Brian Cashman.

His time has come and gone.

He got credit when we had core talent, all acquired prior to his reign, and all he had to do was spend some of George's billions to add a short-term piece ( e.g. David Justice, etc. ).

The operative words were, " short-term."  Players who had about 2 months left in their tank, and who commanded huge ransom's to rent them for that period of time.

For the past several years, Brian Cashman has created our core our of players from a pool of tired , old guys who have/had maybe two months of decent play left in their tanks.  The ransoms continue to apply and in fact, escalate.  We yield untold millions and worse, draft selections.

We give up all hope to have prospects to develop, but have McCann for another 5 years.

Those of us who pay attention recognize that even when we do have draft picks, the Yankees are wearing blinders.  After years and years of Cashman, there is no talent.  The few players who fool
 him ( e.g. Murphy ), the accidental decent draft picks, get traded away.  The others simply wilt in the minor leagues, due to pathetic player development staff or lack of hope, blocked from any shot at the majors by a long-term contract of a .219 hitter.

Doesn't anyone care?  Is failure to be rewarded and built-upon year after year?

Do we really have to regard the Yankees' future as a non-competitive joke?

When bridges fall down, due to disrepair and old age, how do we regard the leadership who refused to anticipate their collapse, despite the obvious signs, and build a new bridge?

Cashman has failed by every single definition of his core job responsibilities, as their team loses its glory and descends into accepted mediocrity.

And we stand by and do nothing?

Is this a democracy or an oligarchy?

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Ken of Brooklyn said...

You are 10000000000% correct this morning, last week, last month, and at the beginning of the season Alphonso!
I need a well deserved break from the heartache of these '14 Yankees, URRGGG!