Sunday, June 15, 2014

Is Solarte Finished As A Fantasy ?

Every time I look at the box score now, he is 0-4.  His average is now below .280.

When I see a live at bat by him, he regularly hits a soft, one-hopper to second or to the first baseman, where the out is made without a throw.

Third strikes in the dirt bring back memories of Soriano.

It is getting disappointing.


KD said...

It IS just like Soriano.

I used to sit next to ancient baseball codgers at the old stadium. Those dudes must be dead by now or they'd be over 95. they told me over and over how Jeet was a "pretty boy" and "a fraud" but that Sori was "the real deal". Then, seemingly all of a sudden, he looked at the plate as if he were swatting imaginary flies.

Soriano fooled almost all of us.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

I think we should go back to Michael Kay's initial attempt at pronouncing his given name back in April: "Nervous Solarte." (I also liked "Yagervees Solare" but "Nervous" seems more appropriate.)

Anonymous said...

is John M finished?

KD said...

anonymous posters will not drive our treasured John M into silence. no way.

ceeja said...

Say it ain't so, Solarte. I still believe.