Sunday, June 22, 2014

Notes From A Shitty Summer Day

One of the worst days of the season

I thought that butt-head Yankee, Huff, was already gone.  I know the game was in the toilet, but why is he still here?  I watched him give up two hits to two batters ( the first, a home run ) and switched the TV off.

Why do we keep turkeys just because they are lefty?  Why Brian?

I told you all that Pineda would never pitch for the Yankees.  Okay, technically, he did, but when he flakes out from now on, those appearances get wiped from the slate.

Now back problems?  Was he trying to hide pine tar there?  And not expected to begin soft tossing a whiffle ball until late August?

I can only hope he has back surgery. 

And let's start a contest;  when will Solarte next get a hit?  Personally, I think he won't.

8-0 says it all about our offense.  One soft grounder after another.

Thanks Brian.

P.S.  The US men's soccer team never should have beaten Ghana.  And we will be coming home, naked and empty, very soon.  Hope we are all around to watch us try again in four years.

This team is mediocre.

If that.


Anonymous said...

'Why do we keep turkeys just because they are lefty? Why Brian?'

Why do YOU (IIH,IIF, II...C) keep John M. around? Does he have a cache of nude pics of Duque? Is he threatening to blow the lid off of Mustang and Bern Baby Bern's meth lab? Has he threatened Alphonso with a phone call to INS?

Seriously - it's not just me. It amazes me how many anonymous rail against his 'writing style'. Can we put this to a vote in the side bar?

I've been reading you guys since 08... EVERYONE that contributes is funny, well-versed and has a point - except John M. Enough is enough. Put it to a vote. If more than 75% of your fan base vote to keep him, I will forever keep my opinions to myself.

But seriously - where in the hell was he going with that post today? Not only was it not funny, it made no sense whatsoever...

joey Livingston Rodriguez III said...

The men's soccer team should have win today and they honestly played exceptionally well.

As for baseball... There was no baseball today. Tanaka tomorrow though so nothing to worry about.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Alphonso, I never should have doubted you concerning Pineda,,,, lesson learned!