Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boston Strong no more

The concern we should have, as Yankee fans, is that Boston does what it did in the meltdown 2012 - peddle off the dead wood and retool - and return next year with a powerhouse. That is a successful strategy used by most teams, which the Yankees - due to their need for instant gratification - apparently are incapable of adopting.

The Yankees are caught in a trap of their own creation: They are close enough to contend - especially for that miserable one-game playoff - and, thus, they will be tempted by another Soriano/Ichiro-type trade - a short adrenal burst, with long-term negative consequences. There is a reason why teams are willing to get rid of old players. (The Redsocks this year have their own Soriano: Jake Peavey.)

Let's just hope and pray Cashman doesn't empty the farm system for Cliff Lee.

I believe the proud pinstripe tradition means the Yankees chase pennants - not one-game wildcards - and dynasties - not once-a-decade anomalies.

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