Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It May Not Be That Simple

The headline was something about the, " international JU-JU intervention has been ( was) rained out."

This may not be quite the same as the ballgame was rained out.  And we play again tomorrow.

Resources were marshaled in different time zones.  Some planned activities could not simply be put back in a box, and placed back on the shelf for future use.  They had to be trashed.  Discarded.

When certain substances are unwrapped, and exposed to the air, they begin to deteriorate.  You can put the wrap back on, but that first whiff of air never can be rescinded, and the product deterioration time-clock starts.

So beware.  The cancellation, which had to be done, may have consequences.

 Good or Bad.  This is like a surgical procedure with which the doctor has no experience.

There is no history here.  This has never before occurred. IIHIIFIIc has no track record with respect to future outcomes off of a JU-Ju Intervention cancellation, particularly at the international level ( defcom 5 ),  and no statistics to quote.  Nothing, really, to comfort us.  To tell us, " everything will be all right."

The trip to the west coast may find us limping back, with more injuries, several games under the .500 mark.  We may be facing the reality that an intervention of any kind will be ineffective.

I'm just saying.  We don't know.

Do the Pope know?

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California Water Authority said...

We request that the Yankee throng please schedule another intervention while you visit the west coast.