Wednesday, June 11, 2014

End of the line for Jose?

I figured this guy was history five years ago, when the Yankees dumped him. I never believed he was in his 20s. He looked more like 40, and he sweated like 55. I couldn't bear to watch.

Well... when the Cubs waive you, you're waived. And when your ERA is past 8.00, wave goodbye. Maybe it's really over. If so, kudos to Jose Veras for lasting this long.

Jeez, after we threw him overboard, he pitched for Cleveland, Florida, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Houston, Detroit and finally the Cubs. He had the last laugh, eh?

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John M said...

Are we really sure the Yankees don't pick him up and see what he can do in triple A? He's old (check), he's washed up (check), he's on the garbage heap (check), and he was released by another major league club, which supposedly saw that he was kaput (even though it was the Cubs, I think we can still say, check).

Cashman might be rubbing his hands with glee at this very moment. What a bargain!